This is the Grand Ballroom at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester, where the Pro manchester Trailblazing Tech Awards took place on June 24th, 2022. This is the Digital Twin Experience we used as part of our Award Demo presentation.

We had scanned the Lowry Hotel weeks ahead in a completely different state, as seen in the images. We virtual staged it and added some bespoke 3D assets to brand it and showcase some of the event Sponsors with 3D logos. We also added scan spot-triggered audio, videos, info tags with CTAs, and animated 3D avatars of ourselves.

Finally, we made all the digital assets you're experiencing in the tour viewable in person at the location using Augmented Reality via an app. We weren't able to demonstrate this during the presentation due to only having 10 minutes, but we have attached a video.

Overall this is to showcase how we utilize a variety of digital assets and traditional media to create bespoke immersive contextualized experiences for businesses of any kind.