What’s included?

Virtual staging

Choose versatile 3D assets from our huge library and create a scene inside your digital twin. Once you hit publish, you can view virtual staging in Augmented Reality.


Use alignment points and custom tags in your digital twin, offering seamless and efficient navigation for your clients, enhancing their overall experience, and maximising their understanding of the environment.

Guided audio

Take clients on a sensory journey with location-based audio. Easily assign audio files to locations throughout your digital twin and truly immerse your clients.

Spatial tags

Our spatial tags help curate your virtual tour, providing valuable information on points of interest. With custom icons and colours, tags have never been more engaging.

Website integration

Give customers the ability to interact with your website through a spatial tag, ideal for a retail or gallery virtual tour.

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The power of ARConnect

Curate your space

Transform your virtual tours into captivating experiences with ARConnect. Add immersive elements from our Creator Studio like virtual staging, audio, embedded media, custom tags, and wayfinding to make your tours more engaging and interactive.

Easy area alignment

ARConnect seamlessly blends virtual elements with the real world. As you move through physical spaces, it ensures your AR experience stays perfectly in sync, delivering a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Define the user journey

Guide visitors through your virtual tours with personalised wayfinding. ARConnect enables you to bring digital content to life, creating unique and unforgettable experiences for each user.

How does your industry benefit

Real Estate

Make your open inspections truly memorable by enhancing the on-site experience for potential buyers. By allowing them to interact with virtual content in real-time as they explore the physical property, you can help them make better-informed purchasing decisions.


Enable clients to visualise and assess construction plans on-site by overlaying digital design models in AR. Not only does this improve collaboration, but also accuracy and efficiency in the project execution.

Arts & Culture

Transform your organisation with AR experiences that bring exhibits to life, offering interactive multimedia content, detailed information, and immersive storytelling, leading to deeper engagement and a richer understanding of the artwork and cultural artefacts.


Empower travellers to explore by overlaying virtual elements onto real-world locations, such as historical landmarks or tourist attractions. By providing interactive guided tours, contextual information, and captivating visual experiences, you can make their travels more memorable and immersive.


Give students truly interactive on-site learning experiences by overlaying virtual educational content onto physical classroom spaces. Using this technology, students can engage with historical sites, scientific phenomena, or architectural wonders, fostering a deeper understanding and active participation in the learning process.


Engage customers with virtual product information, personalised recommendations and immersive displays inside your physical store. By giving customers a highly engaging shopping experience, you’re earning their loyalty and helping them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

  • Assyl Haidar
    Assyl Haidar, Director of Digital & Data, University of Melbourne

    “We’re willing to push the boundaries on how we use our spatial data, not just to solve very practical and immediate needs, but to reimagine how we solve problems for our students and staff.”

  • Alison Cleary
    Alison Cleary, Executive Director, Open House Melbourne

    “Our partnership with CAPTUR3D allowed us to ‘open up’ dozens of buildings across Melbourne, using immersive technologies to engage audiences with audio-visual content embedded throughout virtual spaces.”


ARConnect is plug and play, no development required! You just need a couple of things to get started: a CAPTUR3D account, a Matterport digital twin and a mobile or tablet device.

  • You can also scan your space with the Matterport Capture app, available on iOS and Android.
  • When you’ve got everything you need, simply follow these easy onboarding steps.

ARConnect is available on Android and iOS devices that support ARCore on Android and ARKit on iOS. In both cases, we always recommend the newest devices and suggest that you always update to the latest version of ARConnect before using the app.

  • For iOS, ARConnect requires an iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 16 or newer or iPadOS, and an A11 Bionic chip or newer. Find out if your iOS device is AR compatible.
  • For Android, AR requires Android 10 or newer. Find out if your Android device is AR compatible.

ARConnect is available as an add-on to any of our paid plans. Easily enable ARConnect from your property page or inside Creator Studio for just $35 USD per month/tour.

Ready to try ARConnect?

Sign up for a 30 day free trial today and receive 75 CAPTUR3D credits to try our services.