What’s included?

Integration with Sketchfab

Access over 750,000 assets from 3D artists all over the world. Simply search for what you need inside our Creator Studio and add it to your tour from there.

Simple UI tools

Easily place, rotate and resize your assets from either first-person or dollhouse view.

Directional lighting

Customise lighting and shading for a natural and balanced atmosphere. Adjust exposure, shadow angle, and strength.

Performance monitoring

With our performance gauge, you can easily detect if there are too many assets in a single field of view, which helps enhance the performance and load time of your virtual tour on mobile devices.

Custom settings

Give users the ability to toggle virtual staging on and off, so they get the full impact of your content.

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Make your tours stand out

Huge library of 3D assets

Our platform offers ready-to-use 3D assets for flexible virtual staging options.

Your choice of design styles

From mid-century modern to minimalist, farmhouse and coastal, our custom-built 3D assets give you a choice of interior design styles to suit any space.

Fast & cost-effective

Virtual staging is a fast, cost-effective alternative to traditional staging, saving you time and money. Market and sell your property quicker, ensuring a speedy return on investment.

How does your industry benefit

  • residential real estate

    Residential Real Estate

    Show off stunning visualisations of newly-built homes so potential buyers can appreciate what the finished product will look like. You can even create multiple versions of the same Matterport digital twin to showcase a range of design styles.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Virtually stage empty commercial spaces for a cost-effective and visually compelling digital representation of any property.

  • AEC


    Provide a highly accurate representation of the finished product and facilitate collaboration between architects, engineers and construction professionals in a way that minimises errors and misunderstandings.

  • Arts and Culture

    Arts and Culture

    Create digital exhibitions and displays that are truly accessible to anyone, no matter their ability or location. With modern scanning apps, like Polycam, you can digitise your physical artworks and display them however you choose in your virtual space.

  • Travel


    Create immersive and interactive virtual tours of hotels, resorts, and travel destinations, helping to attract and engage potential customers.

  • Education


    Virtual staging is a powerful tool for teaching and learning, providing immersive and interactive experiences that help students to understand complex concepts and ideas.

  • Retail virtual staging


    Showcase products and merchandise in a visually stunning and compelling way, leading to increased sales and customer engagement.

Ready to try virtual staging?

Sign up for a 30 day free trial today and receive 75 CAPTUR3D credits to try our services.