What’s included

  • 2D Floor plans

    2D floor plans

    Available in full colour or black and white, these are a must-have for real estate marketing.

    • Get a free black and white 2D floor plan with any 3D floor plan order for the same property
  • 3D Floor Plan

    3D floor plans

    This is a more realistic and immersive way to visualise a property’s layout.

    • Showcase architectural details, finishes, and furniture placement
    • Ideal for residential and commercial real estate or interior design projects
  • High-quality site plans

    We offer high-quality site plans with your floor plan, at no additional cost.

    • Accurate, detailed, and easy to understand
    • Streamline the construction and development process
    • Help ensure that projects are completed efficiently
  • Custom floor plan templates

    Impress clients with floor plan designs tailored to your specific needs.

    • Choose from a range of colour and style options
    • Add logos or branding materials at no additional cost
    • If you already have a template, simply upload it to our system and we’ll recreate it
    • Custom templates will be ready-to-use in 48 hours

Give listings a competitive edge

Process and order at the same time

Order a floor plan on CAPTUR3D while your Matterport model is processing. No need to wait.

Keep it consistent

Upload branded templates so that every floor plan is consistent and professional.

Speedy delivery

We deliver floor plans within 12-24 hours to help you get listings onto the market faster.

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