The CAPTUR3D difference

  • Enhanced learning experiences

    Utilise CAPTUR3D’s virtual tours to create immersive educational environments, allowing students to explore historical sites, museums, and cultural landmarks from their classrooms.

  • Interactive curriculum

    Integrate custom tags and multimedia content into virtual tours, providing students with in-depth information and interactive lessons tailored to their educational needs.

  • Virtual open day

    Showcase your campus and facilities with captivating virtual tours that allow prospective students to explore and engage from anywhere in the world.

  • Architectural design and engineering

    Utilise Matterport scans and floor plans for architecture and engineering courses, giving students hands-on experience with real-world spatial data and design concepts.

  • Elevate learning with AR experiences

    Our augmented reality solution, ARConnect, empowers educational institutions to create captivating experiences that enrich learning environments. By seamlessly merging digital content with physical spaces, students are immersed in interactive lessons that bring abstract concepts to life. This hands-on engagement enhances understanding, retention, and enthusiasm for subjects, creating a dynamic learning journey that stays with students long after the classroom experience.

Drive engaged learning

CAPTUR3D revolutionises the education experience, connecting students with subjects in new and exciting ways. Sign up for a 30 day free trial today and receive 75 CAPTUR3D credits to try our services.