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4 ways to improve client experiences using CAPTUR3D

Lauren Wragg | Posted February 9, 2024

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We know how important it is to keep your clients happy, and that’s why we’re always looking for ways to make their interactions with your business even better. This week, our expert Matterport Service Provider, Aaron, is sharing 4 simple strategies to elevate your clients’ experiences using CAPTUR3D. So sit tight, watch the video below and get ready to impress!

Here’s a recap of everything covered in the video.

1. Create a full marketing suite in 24 hours

Creator studio - virtual tour

With CAPTUR3D, we’re all about simplifying your business operations as much as possible, that’s why we make it super easy to create a full property marketing suite in just 24 hours. Here’s the essential elements of a high converting marketing suite;

  • An immersive & engaging virtual tour
    We make it easy for you to turn your Matterport digital twins into beautiful virtual tours with our first-of-its-kind Creator Studio. Creator Studio offers a comprehensive suite of features to create immersive virtual tours like never before. Premium overlays allow you to put your brand’s stamp on tours with custom banners, logos, and menus, while virtual staging transforms empty spaces into fully-furnished environments using an extensive 3D asset library. Additionally, immersive audio and embedded media allows you to elevate the experience and showcase your brand within your tour, while custom Mattertags allows you to highlight key property features and important information. Creator Studio offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, supported by comprehensive documentation and support articles, ensuring ease of use regardless of your experience level. Trusted by high-profile clients like Nike and Meta, Creator Studio is the #1 choice for digital twin creators, delivering best-in-class tools that maximise the value of your digital twins.

Learn more about Creator Studio


  • 2D & 3D floor plans & site plans
    CAPTUR3D’s fast, affordable, and professional floor plan service is your key to property marketing success. With 52% of prospective buyers finding floor plans very useful in their decision-making process (NAR), integrating floor plans is essential for driving engagement and conversions. Choose from a range of colour and style options, add logos or branding materials at no extra cost, and upload existing templates. With CAPTUR3D, you can impress clients with custom floor plan templates tailored to their specific needs. We also deliver floor plans within 12-24 hours to help you get listings onto the market faster.

Learn more about floor plans


  • 4K photo retouching
    Did you know high-quality photographs can increase the selling price of a property by up to $11,000 (Redfin)? With our photo retouching service, you can ensure your property’s best features are front and centre, attracting potential buyers effortlessly. Our services include photo colour correction, day to dusk editing for enchanting twilight photos, background enhancement to make surroundings pop, and object removal for clean and clutter-free views. With quick turnaround times of 6-12 hours and easy amendments available, you can perfect your property imagery and stand out in the market today.

Learn more about photo retouching


  • Bring it all together with a sleek property website
    Property websites offer a comprehensive platform to showcase your virtual tour content and provide valuable information to your audience, whether you’re in real estate, insurance, or the AEC industry. With the ability to customise branding, including logos, colours, and white-label domains, you can ensure consistency with your brand identity. Add context to your virtual tours with customisable content modules such as 2D & 3D floor plans, image and video carousels, lead generation forms, document uploads, and text descriptions. Plus, with our template builder, you can save time and costs by designing your own property website without the need for development knowledge or external designers.

Learn more about property websites


2. Service clients through a dedicated portal

Say goodbye to manual communication and administrative tasks, and say hello to the CAPTUR3D client portal. This tool enables you to consolidate client content and information, granting clients immediate access to virtual tours, single property websites, and downloadable floor plans, photos, and analytic reports – all in a single, user-friendly space. You can also optimise your budget by adding an unlimited number of clients to your portal, reducing Matterport costs. Ultimately, the client portal facilitates transparent and effective communication, strengthening client relationships and boosting satisfaction levels.

Learn more about the client portal


3. Showcase your brand with white label domains & subdomains

White label domain

Designed to enhance brand exposure, drive site traffic, and improve SEO, our white label domains and subdomains offer unparalleled opportunities for brand customisation and authority. With white label domains, you can ensure that clients experience your content with your branding, no CAPTUR3D in sight. You can also create subdomains that bolster the brand authority of your existing domain, further solidifying your brand’s presence online. Say goodbye to broken links and interruptions, as our rapid turnaround time ensures a seamless transition within 48-72 hours, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – running your business and establishing your brand as a leader in the industry.

Learn more about white label domains & subdomains


4. Take it to the next level with Virtual Reality (VR)

living room in VR Mode
VR has emerged as a powerful tool that can transport viewers to new dimensions, creating experiences that are both captivating and memorable. By integrating VR with Matterport digital twins, you have the opportunity to revolutionise the way your clients showcase their properties, venues, or products, and leave a lasting impression. Embracing VR also sets you apart as a Matterport Service Provider who stays at the forefront of technology trends and positions you as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

Learn more about VR mode

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