Building the metaverse into Matterport digital twins with Sketchfab

Lauren Wragg | Posted August 23, 2023

  • Sketchfab integration


  • Sketchfab integration live on CAPTUR3D (desktop)
  • Free & purchased Sketchfab models available
  • Stage your digital twin using Creator Studio
  • Marks a new frontier for digital twins in metaverse


CAPTUR3D has always been at the forefront of platforms working with Matterport to take digital twins to the next level. And, nothing encapsulates this more than our integration with Sketchfab which enables users to import over 750,000+ free 3D models into their digital twins, via our virtual staging feature.

And with over 6.2 million digital twins being managed through Matterport’s system, this marks a new frontier for 3D scanned virtual spaces.

Getting started

Start by simply creating a digital twin with Matterport. Once your digital twin is uploaded to CAPTUR3D, you can use our virtual staging feature by subscribing to one of our pricing plans. From there, you can access free Sketchfab models, or ones you’ve purchased, all from within CAPTUR3D’s Creator Studio.


Step 1: Connect to Sketchfab

Connect to Sketchfab

Step 2: Search for a 3D model & place it within the scene

Search for an asset

Step 3: Customise the asset using the easy tools provided

Adjust the settings

Step 4: View on desktop, mobile or in AR


What’s even more exciting is that these 3D assets can be animated, adding another layer of depth and interactivity to any space.

As the Creator Studio already includes a library of ready-made 3D assets, custom uploads and directional lighting, this Sketchfab integration adds even more fuel to an engine already overflowing with promise.

Collectively these features make CAPTUR3D’s Creator Studio tool best on market for Matterport providers and their clients (check out this easy example we’ve built for Real Estate). But what does partnership with Sketchfab mean for the future of digital twin experiences?

The continuing evolution of digital twins

Internet search volumes for ‘What is a digital twin?’ increased 80% globally over the past year alone. Typically you would need a camera like the Matterport Pro3 to create a fast, accurate digital twin — a 3D representation of any physical space. But now with mobile apps like Matterport Capture, digital twins are becoming democratised.

A digital twin’s ability to integrate live, real time IoT data makes it very useful to industries like construction and environmental management. Data management has become the standard use case for digital twins.

Digital twins and the metaverse

When you think of the metaverse, the first thing that comes to mind might be the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs or 3D fabricated worlds brought to life through augmented and virtual devices. But we believe that digital twins ultimately lie at the heart of what the metaverse is bound to become — an endless network of immersive experiences that intersect with our daily lives.

We are constantly experimenting with this concept, so that digital twins are not simply just recreations of the built world, but new and engaging experiences. This experimentation has opened up opportunities to collaborate with the likes of Nike, Meta and now, Sketchfab.

Real estate, museums or retail — tell your story

Our integration with Sketchfab combines the power of CAPTUR3D’s engine with Matterport’s digital twin technology and the expansive range of Sketchfab’s 3D library.

Digital twins are no longer simply a replica of any built space, but an opportunity to create new worlds and immersive experiences for users. Perhaps they’re even the most practical and accessible way to bring more users into the metaverse.

Part of this thought process involves storytelling. How can you use this evolving form of digital twin to help first home-buyers imagine their future lives, to enliven a brand’s message and vision — or to captivate the attention of kids growing up in an overly-saturated digital age?

The industries historically the most reliant on digital twins are currently real estate, retail and hospitality. But that’s all shifting, thanks to the collision of Virtual Staging technology and Sketchfab’s artistic community.

More and more we’re seeing truly creative digital twins coming from galleries, museums and schools.

What makes this even more exciting is how these digital twin experiences operate within the WebXR realm — one that blends the power of the internet with the power of presence, bringing augmented and virtual reality to the web.

As CAPTUR3D continues to progress as a platform, it’s all too important that we embrace these opportunities to bring ecosystems like Matterport and Sketchfab together. Only then can we truly discover what the future of digital twins and digital twin experiences will look like in the metaverse.

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