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How to add a popup form to a Matterport virtual tour

Lauren Wragg | Posted May 2, 2024

Learn how to add a popup form to a Matterport virtual tour so that you can capture lead information whilst your audience navigates the space.

Just as the name suggests, the forms pop up on a virtual tour at a pre-defined time and place; either when the tour loads, or after the user has moved a specific number of scan points. Adding popups to your tour helps capture visitors information before they exit, boosting lead generation and engagement. They’re also a fantastic way to provide insights into a particular room in your virtual tour. These automatic popups are customisable, allowing you to personalise where and when they appear, write a message to resonate with your target audience, add your branding and choose which information you want to capture.

Watch the tutorial then sign in and try it for yourself in the platform!

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