How to scale Matterport digital twins into immersive learning journeys

Lauren Wragg | Posted September 23, 2023

  • Quantum Vic

Quantum Victoria is creating educational experiences for hundreds of students from one Matterport digital twin - here’s how.

Quantum Victoria is always looking for ways to advance and prepare their students for the future. As a leading specialist centre in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, they create an intelligent mix of programs that bring wonder to the classroom. Students are challenged and stimulated with a range of exciting onsite programs, learning valuable skills like how to 3D print, the inner workings of robotics, and the fundamentals of programming and coding – to name a few. With all this future-thinking, it’s no surprise that Quantum Victoria were interested in exploring the potential of digital twin experiences.

We’ve been working closely with the Quantum Victoria team to transform a typical Matterport twin into a full blown augmented reality experience that their students can use onsite at the centre.

In this program, students are asked to design their own recycling plant. But using CAPTUR3D and ARConnect, the Quantum Victoria team have built a virtual recycling plant that students can bring to life in their space. This exponentially enhances their learning, as they can get close to different machines and truly digest the way recycling systems operate.

Take a look at how this immersive learning journey was made.

CAPTUR3D’s Creator Studio allows educators to build advanced learning modules onto any existing Matterport twin. With features like Virtual Staging, they can easily load 3D models for students to discover. Then there’s Media Embed, which helps bring supporting teaching resources into the space.

What’s perhaps the most important is that students get to share their journey with their classmates, and their teachers – creating an inclusive environment, and giving the students the ability to say “I’ve been there”.

From one Matterport twin, you can create an immersive learning journey for an unlimited number of students. That’s what makes this cutting-edge solution truly scalable and sustainable.

Almost 750 students a week explore the recycling plant in Augmented Reality, and with thousands of students going through the centre each year, it’s exciting to think how these experiences might shape the future.


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